Your Favorite Part About GMod!

What do you do when you join GMod? Multiplayer or singleplayer? What gamemode do you play?

I just love the fact that I can basically do whatever I want, and if I can’t, I’ll script a way to do it.

As much as we bash it in self-deprecation, Garry’s Mod has an awesome community.

It’s full of humanity.
Not to mention it gets people interested in things. As of the moment I’ve taken greater interest into politics, and criminology from debating about cause and effect with RP servers.

My favorite part about GMod?

Making maps for it :wink:

Propkilling, making 10 year old’s rage.

Building and creating weapons of war on servers then have all out wars with them for hours on end.

The freedom behind it and amount of content.

I dunnoe, Sex poses?

Probably roleplaying on sandbox servers. Works quite well. Also helicopters.

Doing things just to see if i can. Unfortunately this tends to result in the game crashing or, once, a blue screen of death.

I also like making poses, though they’re not as good as what the other FP members post in the screenshots board. Theyre not crappy though.

I also like to try to build things but it usually ends up spazzing out or flying all over the map


Being able to play sandbox, when I get bored of that hitting up multiplayer and finding some brilliant gamemodes that after playing sandbox you wouldn’t think would be in the same game

Also if there is a gamemode that seems fun to me, or an idea I can make that or at least hire someone to, also the Facepunch community

Annoying everybody on a server with, this screen color changer :stuck_out_tongue:

Warning, I wouldn’t be downloading that.

Why would a fix be in executable form and posted from a new user?

I miss the old gmod days where it was simple addons and/or servers that were sandbox. Oh boy those were the days. But my fave thing from Gmod now is probably the new menu and server browser.

Lua scripting, pretty much the only reason why I play GMod.

Propkilling, come on - don’t tell me you didn’t do it before

The fucking huge amount of game modes. Have you guys ever just went down the list and flipped through them all? There’s tower defense, mmorpg’s, cinemas, mini games, several flavors of gun game, stalker, sled racing…

The drama within all gmod’s communities as well as the community itself
Ever since I got here there’s always SOME kind of conflict, whether its a local power struggle between one ambitious admin and the rest of the admin force on a server, or a once-respected player-turned-skiddie because of a trifle dispute, and somehow is able to cause permanent damage to the server

Or brohoster

Or the way garry took that one guy to court and shat all over his name afterwards

Point being, the entirety of Garry’s Mod just seems to be a fucking narrative. There has always been drama and I expect a lot more.