Your Favorite Roleplay?


Tell me, what type of roleplaying suits you best? By this I mean LightRP, SeriousRP and what type HL2RP, Black Mesa RP(Not used often though). Anyway write below and keep the conversations to a minimum.

I don’t like RP anymore. nowadays, I go in expecting a fun RP and it ends up turning into the admin propkilling everyone because he has a big wiener. [sp]or so he says[/sp]

Very Serious RP. Such as you might have a friend you know, but you have to remake your meeting. That kind.

I’m mutual on seriousrp. Either it’s supreme or it’s boring and elitist, usually the latter. You just wait around while everyone around from the start of the server plays. You have to “roleplay” (donate) to get anything on most rp servers anyway.

If you actually know of any good serious rp though please share.

i rp den i get baned but i ddos lol they owned

SeriousRP, but it’s never done right. Ever. I’ve never once see a community do it right, despite the simplicity of doing so.

Maybe one day I’ll do it. Bring that shit back to the old days of quality.

I have to say SeriousRP is my favorite.

No RP is serious enough anymore, I remember in the ancient TSRP (Not GMOD) I got banned for running on the streets.

Serious RP isn’t made by enforcing ridiculous restraints and restrictions on the roleplayer, but giving the general playerbase a way and matter of creating roleplay without such restraints/restrictions/rules.

Also to answer the question… I lean towards Forum RP and ‘Lite RP’

Fallout shelter is a good one I play on for actual RP.

SeriousRP without the following examples:
*** Sneaks up behind a man.
Man turns around and snaps the attacker’s neck.* - The metagaming people do when they see you /me a surprise buttsex.

*** Moves his left leg
** Moves his right leg
** Moves his left leg
** Moves his right leg* - The fact that most RP servers require you to /me everything, even the visual things that people can obviously see.

And the ridiculous RP fights:
Player 1 rolls a 76 out of 100
Player 2 rolls a 77 out of 100
** Player 2 hits Player 1 across the face.
Player 1 rolls a 100 out of 100
Player 2 rolls a 99 out of 100
** Player 1 hits Player 2 in the dick.
- You obviously won’t be doing this in real life. Its like fighting with rock paper scissors, having the winner attack, and the loser stay still (although that’d be pretty cool)

And especially not this:
*** Shoots at someone who is 2 fucking feet away
** Gets banned for S2K.* - This is really annoying, because it implies that no one has ever used a gun before, although it isn’t rocket science to point and shoot. Especially when your target is 2 feet away from you.

Overall, there are very little RP servers I actually like. I did manage to have fun on Black Mesa RP, but I’m still waiting for someone to make Deus Ex RP or Far Cry RP. They’d be really fun.

First, I know…exactly how you feel. Second, I was actualy making a Serious Fallout RP server, but the idea of Far Cry RP may be awesome.

The only Serious RP server I’ve ever liked a lot just closed down about a month ago. Small community, but we all knew each other well (which led to internal arguments and the server’s end). It was serious, but not super-serious. There was a time for all kinds of seriousness level and for the most part, people were able to get serious again when RP was starting back up. The actual RP theme used to rotate between whatever the population online voted for. Some examples are Fallout, Medieval/Fantasy, Space, City, Nation (faction based), and S.T.A.L.K.E.R… It’s really a shame it closed down, but we had seen it coming eventually.

All the non popular servers are good because they dont expect much money so they dont make you give it. I know one server that i like a lot but nobody goes on. The max is 8/9 and when 8 or 9 people are on its a lot of fun

Do you mean that hell-hole named Habeebs RP.

I hope by ‘knew each-other well’ you meant ‘hated each-other outright except when someone served a purpose I could use’.

I could go into a full essay on how terrible that server was, from my first joining many years ago to my eventual departure, but I probably shouldn’t.

oh god please do


Well done. You are the first to say DarkRP. I’ve been waiting for someone to say DarkRP is their favourite.

I loeve DarkRP, but only if tehserrrvar has over 50 jobs to gib me varierty.


thanks i would have never guessed you were being sarcastic until you put :sarcasm: there