Your favourite admin mod?

I’m looking for a new admin mod for my server, and I was wondering, what’s your opinion?
ASS is not an option, I really dislike it.

  1. GManage
  2. ULX (currently using this)
  3. NewAdmin
  5. Other

Uber ServerSecure
ULX is on a second place, but i prefer first


ULX and new admin are good.


ASSMod (but since we can’t VOTE THAT) Ulx.

Amen has to be mine.

ULX, its simple, good, reliable

I like ASSmod’s menu and that it isn’t bloated. ULX is ok, I haven’t used it in ages though.

Server Secure.

my own Admin mod
proud on the group/gang creator and have epic battle’s

ULX ftw. Newadmin sucks, assmod sucks, never really used anything else.

SourceMod with lua additions

ow and just tryed Gmanage… but counterd some problems… back to ASS mod then. with new admin

I don’t get why people have more than one admin mod. Surely all it’s needed for is kicking, banning and slaying? Admin mods should be there to keep the server free of mingebags, not provide fun for the admins at the expense of players.

When I was running a single server, I coded a very simple admin script with just kick, slay, ban and teleport. A mature admin wouldn’t need anything else.


  • admins no limit
  • note
  • ranks

and more of that stuff

Don’t forget “Blind and rick roll” Good ol’ blind and rick roll… sorry going off topic there a bit, what were you saying about mature admins?


My own admin mod. I’m going to completely redesign it once I have the time.