Your First Creation

Sort your screenshots oldest first and find the first thing you created.
Here’s mine.

Caption: “:D”

I’ve lost many screenshots over the years, but this is my oldest uploaded one.

Does it have to have a screenshot? becauee its not in the screenshots section?

Anywho, mine was just alyx, riding a big ass bathtub, with huge thrusters.

My first was the box car by garry

-snip; highly misunderstood-

Catapult. Took awhile to figure out you can’t use axis on two props, and of course it was just thruster powered, but w/e

11 october 2011
I’ve owned the game since november 2010 but everything before this has been lost to the sands of time

17 march 2011, made it with some friends on my private server.[/T]
My oldest screen shot, I think.

Edit: First day of the G13 beta ages ago


Mine was over 9 years ago so idfk. It was probably a dumpster with balloons that I rode up into the sky.

From the time I broke source which was apparently only 3 years ago.

I don’t really have any screenshots of it, but the first thing I ever did in Gmod is probably something we’ve all done at some point. Take one HL2 buggy, affix a multitude of thrusters to its arse, get in, hit the go button, laugh like a maniac while wildly flailing around the map.

The oldest documented Gmod picture I have?

Couple years in after I…sort of…figured out suspension and forcer motors. I still have the chassis this thing was built on in my dupes! That chassis dates back to ~2008 or so but I’ve had Garry’s Mod since roughly the time GM10 launched.

Good old TTT! I haven’t played it in a long time but I’ve had some great times with it. Some on that specific map, where you could throw the krabby patty props with the magneto stick weapon and hurl them at players easily killing them.

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Well…isn’t really something I created but my first screenshot, I’ll take it down if wanted since it doesn’t really fit guidelines.

Older gmod had few tutorials in the menu, so first thing I have created is some random bathtube with wheels.

I have no pictures from 2006, but it was an airboat with 4 balloons on each corner, the balloons provided just enough extra lift for you to be able to pull off sick jumps, but not enough for you to actually fly, it was kind of like a motor powered glider.


1 Jan 2012; 14:23

It’s not first, but… Who cares…

Addon that makes npc’s able to use custom sweps in pre orangebox update times(garrysmod 10)

I don’t have any screenshots left but I tried to make a podracer by combining a chair, some headcrab pods, red glowing rope and hoverballs.