Your First day. 5 Steps

Naked? dying? I’ll help. ( well ill try, this is for people ALONE, ignore any opinions from ‘‘brown names’’ (Spedro for example) and others as they ALL play in groups and have experience meaning they dont start like this, neither do I) Experienced players can establish much faster using other methods, again this is for NOOBS

Step 1 : Find TWO of the following and harvest

  • Pigs
  • Rocks
  • Wood Piles

Step 2 :

  • Craft ‘‘Stone Hatchet’’
  • Craft ''Wood Shelter"
  • Craft ''Wood Door"

Find a reasonably CLOSE but safe spot near resources (this is 100% temporary)

Step 3 : REPEAT STEP ONE x 2 for optimal results, but it’s risky

Step 4 :

  • Craft “Sleeping Bag” (this is how you respawn home)
  • Craft ''Wood Storage Box"
  • Craft ‘‘Furnace’’

Step 5 :

  • Cook all your Meat.
  • Craft ‘‘Hunting bow’’
  • Craft ‘‘Workbench’’
  • Craft ''Cloth Clothes" (with what ever cloth u have left)
  • Craft ‘‘Arrows’’ x10 (each 1 is 4 so 10 = 40)

from here just start your life, find friends ASAP, and make bonds POWER is in numbers, and take the steps needed to get a REAL 1x1 home started. Use bow to farm Wolves, bears and Z’s


4 - Pillar
1 - Celeing
1 - Foundation
3 - Walls
1 - Doorway

**(my personal suggestion is DO NOT put up a 1x1 UNTIL YOU HAVE **METAL DOOR) (ull find this on Z’s or loot spawns, or a buddy)
build off of this and the rest u’ll learn as you play


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AGAIN, ignore the people in brown they will always troll, flame dislike and more, FP forums consists of much toxicity from these peers, (obviously not all of them but the majority) Avoid this ‘‘elitist mentality’’

also to you ‘‘dislike’’ this is expanded from the video GARRY and devs posted, this is an INTRODUCTION appraoch

Good info!

this can all be done easily under 20-30min

Well made post. Once bambis have the Hunting Bow they can basically grind end game gear within a few hours from zombie drops.

Very useful. Thanks alot

good stuff

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this is really useful stuff