Your First Day In Rust! (Trailer Parody)

P.S. Pls repair FacePunch Moscow 2 server :stuck_out_tongue: (if u want , i can help)

This is truly the “First day in Rust” experience.

Not first day , its everyday :smiley:

Taaa taaa taaa talalaaaaa headshot


I feel like I’ve seen this vid before…



Uploaded an entire day earlier, too.

Good job stealing and reuploading someone’s video, yellowpete. :fap:

just stealing for russian auditory :stuck_out_tongue:

Deja Vu

Thanks for stealing my video :confused:

I tried to point people to your vid Vouxle! Yellow-bellied pete over here thinks audio (or something) has been translated to Russian lol

It’s actually funny.