Your first day in rust

Curious what people did on their first day of rust not knowing how the game is played etc.

I ended up being mauled to death by 2 bears after thinking I could take them on with a rock, while naked. The fight didn’t last as long as I had hoped.

When I finally managed to work my way up to a bow I met up with a friend who thought it was a good idea to go attack another person with the rock. I shot at the both of them fighting only to hit my friend in the head with the arrow. I did allow the other person to live.

Watched other people playing rust. I thought I’d give it a shot but after I joined a server it crashed.

best first day of any game, even better than the first day with bad rats.

Plaster, wait a day or two and the servers will be back up!
My first day went like this 'searching for keys non-stop and finally getting one. Played a bit and had no idea what I was doing so I stopped for 2 days came back and just started loving the game !

You know I was being sarcastic, it should be obvious because I used bad rats here.

Rust isn’t good at it’s current state. It has many flaws that I can’t take for too long.

On my first day in Rust, when i just logged in for the first time, someone killed me with a rock -.-, then i respawned, made myself a schack in the middle of nowhere and died of hunger.