Your first-ever Machinima/Screenshot

So yeah I was browsing through my old accounts, and I found my very very first machinima made about 3 years ago. See I though it would be nice to post it, to show that your first machinima won’t be great you just have to practice a lot.

First ever machinima

Latest videos:


I liked them.

I wish I still have my first screenshot but I lost it. At least I still remember what is like. It some was something for mingeface contest back when Garry’s Mod contest exist. Gman’s getting kicked in a ball by axe leg Alyx. The quality was very damn low because I didn’t have time to turn up the graphic.

That was 3 years ago.

That was six and a half years ago.

It’s weird, I can’t even remember my first posted screenshots. It’s been so freakin’ long. Of course my threads predate the archives, so no luck there.

My first screen shot was about Halo, 2 spartans charging toward 2 Elites and 1 white spartan holding a Sniper Rifle

It doesn’t even have Super DOF!

Awesome videos man, give me tips.

I have my first ever sceenshot printed out for some reason and it’s somewhere around here, I don’t why I printed it, but the original file was deleted on another pc, so it’s kinda good that I have it printed for some reason…


Oh god! Only 2 years ago but, its still bad… atleast its not kliener shoving a watermelon up Eli’s ass.

Oldest post was back in 06’ That account long banned and the image archived.

Dear god…

Compared to my first, this is actually watchable.

My first machinima was some fraps-recorded video on the gmod 2007 beta making fun of praune2forever. I haven’t really made any machinimas that really surpass it, but I am working on something that is far better at the moment.

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I’m not even sure what my first screenshot was. I think it was some crappy pose of Mario maiming Sonic, but I don’t really remember.

I starred in this piece o shit once

I’m not proud of it, my friend made better shit than this but we were bored, and we had a radio on

hes not that bad, but we used this over used and shitty meme to pass the time

I lost my first screenshot. It was 3 Stalkers in a UAZ escaping from a HIND. I remember I maxed out the bloom on it, but it didn’t look bad actually.

The first one I posted on here was just two SAS guys holding guns and staring at the camera.

I’m pretty sure this was my first screenshot, on some random build server.

Michelangelo reincarnated

These were made a quite a while. Maybe at the start of the year.

And these are my two latest:

gah, nevermind.