Your first map.

Tell me about the first map you ever made. It doesn’t have to be the first GOOD map, but the first thing you ever created in hammer. The first thing I ever made was a small map with a blue block for the ground, a pile of weapons somewhere, some crater I made with the carve tool, a ramp to nowhere, some weird building that is made out of windows, and a box of fast headcrabs. There was also no skybox.

I made a little office-themed room with a soldier behind a wall, a couple vending machines, a desk with computer stuff on it and some weapons on a table.

That was, like, a week ago.

I actually still have my first map.

You don’t want to see it.

A TF2 Arena map that was literally 2 spawns separated by a hill.

I cant remember my first, but my first GOOD map i remember making was styled after the bathrooms of Nova prospect, and man i still can’t believe kid me was able to pull that off, had cube maps and everything. A few months back i found that map, opened it up and man was it messy, horrible brush sizes no uniformity in sight, cubemaps everywhere, like way too many ( i don’t think i knew how they worked)
and now the nostalgia is going crazy in my head, good times, good times

i somehow forgot

either it was the attempt to create a lair, inspired by one cartoon
-i only made a boxed map with a sky
Date: 2010_06_26[/t]
second attempt, made few days later


a deathmatch map attempt
-all bricked, oversized brushes, small, fucked up, modern-ish(glass roof and one glass wall)
sadly its deleted, but i’ll recreate one day

and for the best looking one
was this
back then i registered to facepunch, and i got involved in a pathetic argue with iron

snip the pics, aint letting me hotlink, just check the download page[/t][t][/t][t]

a couple of screenshots of my very first maps (counter strike)

I had to do a lot of digging for this, but here’s mine in all its glory:

I wanna say it was suppose to be a Stronghold map (when the gamemode first surfaced).
At that time I had no idea how anything actually worked and I more or less took from other designs.
I’m pretty sure one of those buildings on it was a straight ripoff an old rp map.
Also I didn’t really know how tools brushes worked. I had just made a big fuckin’ rectangle and copied + pasted all around so no one got it.

Here’s mine.

At least it’s not THAT bad, but it’s still pretty bad.

It was made solely from 3kliksphillip tutorials, and unfortunately, mostly the ones that taught bad mapping habits (Shame his newer, better tutorials didn’t exist when I made that).

I can’t for the life of me find any remnants of it asides from a server that somehow has a copy of it, but I originally remade the TF2 map koth_nucleus into a zombie fortress map. I knew nothing about mapping, so it had it all! Leaks into the void, optimized rooms, TONS of really really CPU consuming collision errors, and more glitches than you can shake a stick at… [sp]I sorta wanna redo it though…[/sp]

Try to beat it, I dare you.

Blockfort from Mario kart as a map for ZPS, doesn’t get much worse then that.

It was an attempt at one of those all in one build maps with multiple areas and such. Holes in walls were carved and other walls were 1 unit thick. If I have pictures of it its not on this HDD, so I’m totally not getting those.[/thumb][thumb][/thumb]

I made a small conference room complete with microphone feedback and working radio.

My very very first map was a simple box around me with 1 light entity.
But here are some other maps that day, they still exist.

Testing custom skyboxes:

Prefab i’ve made long time ago

And this came like later:

And this was created not so long ago:

I’ve made more then what you see here, some pictures and other stuff doesn’t exist anymore. This is all i got.

My first attempt, was to recreate groove street form gta:sa

I didn’t know about nodraw, so the compiling was like 1 day… then i got a new computer and i never saved the vmf

Heh I made this US Navy based “Wet Trainer” map. Basically the simulated ship starts to fill with water from multiple areas, and you have to go around and fix them to stop the flooding.

I thought it was the best thing ever until I made a thread about it here in the mapping section.

I’m thinking about doing another one considering I feel like I’ve improved since 2010 haha.

My first unreleased map was a cellar room with a glass case with a shotgun in it. The case said “In case of zombie break glass”. After 20 seconds a zombie would come breaking through the door and you had to find a stone to smash the glass.
I wish I still had it :slight_smile:

My first released map was gm_Floatingworlds

My first map was a small hexagonal skyscraper surrounded by walls and had water at the bottom and lighting from d1_canals_13.

My first released map was a house that lacked an interior and an actual environment surrounding it.