Your First Maps

Post the awful creations that you started out making.
It was derailing the 3kliksphilp thread a lot, so i made a seperate thread for it.

Here’s mine, It is actually a quite popular map, despite being my worst.

**Features: **
Breakable ground (that breaks into glass shards despite being rock :v:)
Awful lighting (At least I knew what a light environment was)

**Download! **

The first one for me was a map so weird compared to one of my today’s current WIP you can’t tell it’s me.

My first released one is gm_sadomite which looking back on it makes me go “Why did I even make that?”

Sadly i don’t have it any more, But it was a build map, and fullbright :stuck_out_tongue:

My first map after the hollow box with the explosive barrel:

starting point:

driving the jeep forward leads you into a tunnel and to a roadblock:

you would have to go through a side path to get past the roadblock, the room is destroyed and the vent revealed:

On the other side of the vent is a switch to lower a bridge or something…

And the incomplete exit of the tunnel…


yes, my first map had lighting and props, I always paid attention to small details like that. Even now I focus a lot of my time to proper lighting and custom props/prop placement.

It was a melon race map for gmod9…

Never even got close to finishing anything. Ended up scrapping it because it frustrated me too much.[/media]

Was toying around with that too at the same time.

Stupid media tags.

Reminds me alot of Minecraft.

** Warning, terrible mapping enclosed. **

It was the townhall of an RP map I foolishly started about a week after learning the basics of mapping (thinking I was awesome) and included almost every noob mistake you can make:

  • Walls are like, 1 unit thick
  • Walls were too tall/too small
  • Had no light_environment
  • Blocky.
  • Holes in the walls.
  • A giant hollow box for the skybox with the default skybox texture.
  • Textures were all messed up inside.
  • more.


fuck snip

This is the first map I EVER made. It’s a crappy fullbright Garry’s Mod buildmap.

Absolutely NOTHING is func_detailed. Not even the steps of those water jumping tower things.[/media]

Zombie survival map it was a start…

It was supposed to be my house. Man, did that suck.

Remind’s me of minecraft



Oh snap, Ninja.


a 1024x1024 room that opened into a (leaky) flatgrass with a dusk sun.

might manage to dig up pics later.

A really small flatgrass with a few antlions.

First decent map, though still fullbright, was the start of rp_lc.

You can see that most of this still remains. (to the left)
It sucked, i know

Nevermind, I’m ashamed of it now