Your Gamemode SUGGESTIONS!

Please post anything to do with what you would want in a gamemode, weather it be pictures, videos or entire documents with game mechanics in them.

I only ask that you stray away from serious RP please!

By telling me these things you are greatly helping my knowledge of the current GMod community.

original and simple yet fun gameplay concepts do the best, I would think

for awhile people liked avalanche, a gamemode with a simple but not ugly map featuring a large slope on which trains and stuff spawned tumbling their way down. Players were to run up the slope, respawning at the bottom if they died, player who presses the button at the top first wins. people quit playing after the map became unsimplified with random colored lights on the slope.

take a look at some valve games

portal, it has the simple concept of portals but it was new enough and fun

left-4-dead, simple zombie fighting with the twist of the special zombies

so if making a gamemode you should be trying to have a new concept(or a spin on an old one), simplicity that looks good, and of course the fun factor.

All of these I agree with yes, but Im thinking of aiming a gamemode away from that ‘4 hours of game-play’ style gamemode, without it being strictly role play. So by incorporating and revising old features, longing everything out, putting in more team orientated features as well as shit tones of /rand/ mechanics into a gamemode steering away from player controlled mechanics I think this would make for a better and longer game, my biggest issue is the end goal for the gamemode…

what i would LOVE TO SEE is a new woroking stargate rp

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it wouldnt serious rp just a few classes ive been trying fix my server with stargate rp i ahve map working just the gamemodes been broken from last update

“without it being strictly roleplay”

I want a fun gamemode that isn’t any of the following:

[/li][li]Class based
[/li][li]First person
[/li][li]Team based
[/li][li]Gamemode without actual gameplay
[/li][li]Gamemode with a fucking cult behind it.

Some roleplay elements in any good game are unavoidable (except sandbox). After all, isn’t that what a game is for? To do something that you can’t in real life? You are putting yourself in the position of the character in the game, therefore you are playing the character’s role. This makes it roleplay by definition. For example, in Halo 3 you play as Master Chief, Spartan 117 as he goes around fighting the covenant and generally kicking ass.
Definitely don’t go for any kind of serious roleplay such as DarkRP, OpenAura, or any of the other “RP” gamemodes. Their gameplay gets old fast, and are boring from the start because there are no predefined goals or tasks.

I want another GMod Stranded, except more focused on survival and PvP combat.

I might post details later.

An idea was recently brought up in the WAYWO V5 thread here about an old bomber man like game mode that was never released. I’ve always liked to see older fun games remade. I tried to remake Asteroids, but lost interest at about 80% done. I’ve also thought it might be fun if someone remade some of the popular web(flash) games. Just my 2 cents.