Your gamemodes

My idea is to bring some ideas from old Halo 3 custom games. Lots of mini gamemodes which deserve new life in a modern game.

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Very cool concept

  1. Hot Potato Handball

  2. Realistic since seeing realistic things doing insane things are always funny

  3. Just like normal handball but when you score before the ball explodes, you get 3 points. But if you couldn’t score before the ball explodes, opponent team will get 1 point. Sure I’ll have to add silly powerups like putting more balls, accelerating ball’s timer or increasing ball’s elasticity to make it a bit more better.

Though it sounds hella boring but I think this would what I make for the first time to get the hang of making gamemodes. Since there’s more ideas but I don’t know how much control I would have over the gameplay.


Minigames. Like classic CSS Minigames that a lot of people haven’t experienced. With the Assault Course, Smash (falling objects that smash platforms and players have to stay alive), & all the mg_ maps where the map basically runs the gamemode were a lot of fun.


I would love to try and make a sort of Tycoon type of a gamemode, based on making passive money ( sort of like cookie clicker ) but this one would use… well other players for its mechanics, like PVP or an Auction house
I just want to make a Base for it, just like DarkRP has its base and people are making addons for it and improving it themselves…

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Gonna make a mode inspired by the VR game Gorilla Tag. Instead of tagging other players, the goal will be to speed run. Also gonna add lianas to swing from.

Will probably also mess around with some Warcraft 3 custom game inspired game modes

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I want to remake this addon I made a while back as a S&Box gamemode


Random Weapon Deathmatch
All of the above
Everyone respawns with random weapons from the workshop, chaos ensues


Can’t wait to spawn with one of the “pew pew” weapons :laughing:


I have some ideas:

  • Boss fight (VS hale)
  • Comic
  • Based on tf2 fan gamemode Vs Saxton Hale. its a All vs One Player battle, where a player is picked based on their score to become a boss. They get granted god like buffs and special weapons. The rest of the players team up to destroy that player.

Heres another one:

  • Prison escape / cops and robbers
  • Realistic
  • The cops have to prevent the robbers from escaping prison in a certain amount of time, once escaped robbers can get weapons and they can help fellow prisoners escape

Floor is lava.

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i want to remake the old Purge gamemode i used to play back in 2016. they went down a while ago but they were so fun. id like to rebuild and share them with everyone

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One of my top reasons to play S&Box among with just messing around with friends is having Star Wars RP but with HD textures. Got into SWRP when I was 10 and I want to be immersed again lol.

I’ve been working on TTT.
Just writing a basic outline/structure based on the source code for other gamemodes available to us.


I have strong doubts about the realism of such a system in the near future.
Still, the prospect is exciting.

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I slightly disagree with you bro
The degree of realism in the near future (5-10 years) won’t be amazing.
However, I feel in 25 years or so I think it will become realistic. Eventually better than what we perceive with our eyes (far future 40+ years).

Seems like a lot of people want to do darkrp so I guess I’ll go with some casual game modes like Jailbreak and TTT most likely. I like the idea some have had of a minigames server that’s something I would look into, a collection of small game modes in a random rotation.

i’m really interested in continuing my series of surreal horror roleplaying games on s&box, especially if the custom shader support will let me make it as hallucinogenic as i want.
the one i’m running right now works like darkRP in that you choose a class and play that class, but with very little in the way of ‘rules’ other than not to metagame, don’t break the atmosphere, etc.

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3.Alien Dictatorship, Surrender of humanity

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First Idea

  1. In Time RP
  2. Realistic / Futuristic
  3. Based off the movie “In Time” where time is currency.

The idea came from a friend of mine and once S&box has released, we plan to start development if all goes well. We were originally going to try to do this with Garry’s Mod, but we decided that it’d be better to develop it on the new engine instead.

Not sure if it will be an actual gamemode, if DarkRP comes out we might use that base but add on to our own server.

We both already know that it more than likely won’t appeal to many but it is an interesting concept and it has never been done before to my knowledge.