Your hilariously stupid things you did when you first started

My first map that I actually was trying to be serious with was a HL2DM map that consisted of a bunch of brushes just slapped together in the middle of nowhere in the void, with no player spawns, and random floating explosive barrels. Then, for some who-knows-why-reason, I made a sphere, hollowed it, then ungrouped it, removed a bunch of sides, then carved it with a rectangular brush. I couldn’t open that map after that :geno:
What stupid things did YOU do when you first started mapping?

I tried… ;(

Hollowing out a box to make a room and gawking at how it was possible to create an actual room without hollowing.

I used to do this, too

carved a displacement

computer survived

CTRL+Z also prevailed

Carved many things and failed, I did never release any map, mostly I used to practice a lot and make small things.

If you wonder, yes I carved a sphere into something…

Also 1,337 post :smiley:

I made water by just selecting the water texture and drawing a brush.

Selected a skybox texture, then pasted it as my skybox.

I subdivided a non-square displacement

I did that too haha. I was like WTF IS GOING ON!!

I carved a sphere into a wall to make a circle door, I also carved a sphere into 4plex to try and imitate destruction. I tried to make water a displacement and I made a whole tower out of the default brick texture.


i decided it would be fun to make a map without a skybox… stupid skyboxes, who needs them?

My first quake 3 map ever was basically a maze with a swimming pool. It was not sealed to void and thus would never compile. It had no spawnpoints. No lights. I honestly had no idea what I was doing.

I got better though, and went into hammer with some experience, but it was a bit of a strange jump from Radiant. Took me ages to work out just how to get the brushes to appear on the grid - Radiant was simple in that regard, you drag a box, you get a box. Valve you have to play with the tool brush and hit enter to spawn the blocks.

Few years later, research into BSP theory and lots of practice and I can map.

carved each door frame and resized it then :stuck_out_tongue:

Mapped EVERYTHING in a scale of 64.

Oh my.

Placed spawn in limbo.
“Ok guys, we’re going to test my map.

Back in the old days of WorldCraft, I used to make water float in the air!

I tried to make a FLYING WATER CUBE.
I actually cried.

Been there, done that!

Even now sometimes scale escapes me. Really helps to have an info_player_start near where you’re working.

made hills using big triangle brushes and morph tool. The worst part is that i did that using a tut(not the exact tut, but the same idea):

For shame…

It took me forever to learn how to get the 3D view not to be wireframe.