Your hopes on EP3 Hammer?

What would you like to see added to EP3’s hammer editor?

Dynamic water SURFACES!
(Not dynamic water)

lets wait and see.

Surely that would be an engine change, not a change to hammer?

Carving that works.

Yes but what comes along with the Ep3 Hammer?
Episode 3 Engine! :smiley:

It’s a computer algorithm, it will never have common sense. Clip is far superior and nearly as quick anyway. It always will be.

Up until the VIDE came out the only thing I’d really want adding would have been the logic tree view as an option, but VIDE allows me to do this easily anyway, without having to manually faff around with the registry.

Basically hammer is fine as is.


EP1 didn’t come with a new hammer.
EP2 engine was out long before EP2 hammer was finally properly put together.

Realtime Lighting and no need to compile your map.


Maybe that’s why ep3 is taking so long. So they can release its Hammer edition with it. :ninja:

A man can dream, can’t he?

PhysX! :dance:

[sp]Just kidding.[/sp]


Pretty much these.


Disagree? PhysX pulverizes your FPS just to add barely noticeable effects.


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holy fuck yes.

Actually, cinematic physics, simulated at compile time like was promised with ep2 would be nice.

IMO, that doesn’t even look remotely realistic. The surface texture is kinda like… gelly. The same with the water, it’s acting way too bouncy. Without any splash effects aswell.

well… valve can change it to be realistic.

Better than what we have

I’d perfer static water before that goo, that’s for sure.

I can’t believe no one has mentioned this but:

Expensive water on multiple heights/angles within the same PVS.


Maybe if it didn’t crash so often… :frown:

But yeah, would be nice to have dynamic water surfaces.

That everything would be real time :open_mouth:

Realtime lighting preview and if it’s a new engine update , a much larger grid.