Your house designs and mechanics to ensure safety (for the most part)

So far I’ve seen three basic house designs develop. 2 good ones and one terrible one. If you have a new design feel free to share it and explain why its better than the current mainstream designs.

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Here are some tricks most people know, if you don’t I’d suggest learning them.

sorry everyone who uses dial up.

Good job May0! This should help inexperienced players.

Don’t forget that even if you have 10 doors at each entrance you can get raided by a hacker. Also keep your house small, because large ones are basically like bandit/hacker/glitcher magnets.

These are terrible.

At cliff-manner house, people can spam the “bridge” with doors making it hard or even impossible for you to cross, and block your front entrance(s) with their wooden doors.

Also, don’t forget speedhackers can punch down your shit real easily. While on that topic people can even glitch beds through your shit.

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However on using barricades to fill cracks on walls, I semi agree.
Window frames,walls, door frames, they all have little cracks in them where people can poke in and shoot/rob crates near by. The only solution is to use doors on these cracks, because barricades take 27 hits to break.

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I’ve also seen people spam doors 50 times on their entrance. It doesn’t actually help you. It’s the most retarded way to defend your base.

  1. It makes it hard for you to even get out fast and efficiently. (Even if you do have a way to get out, you are seriously going to tell me you are going to take all that time to open that many doors to get in?)
  2. Bed glitching, and just spamming doors on your entrance
  3. Even if you do this in a pre-built place, there are still ways to get in.

Just like the other day I saw a two story base in a pre-built building. The owner had spammed doors at his bottom entrances and just place wooden barricades at his second story windows. Didn’t do anything else to defend it. You know how that went? Some guy had stacked a bunch of boxes into a stair formation and just crouched jump into the window frame where one of the wooden barricades were at. Less than five minutes he had ran-sacked all the important stuff in that base.

No matter how hard you try on building your base, some fucker is going to find a way in.

In my past 2 days of fort keeping I’ve not had a single person break into my house. Nor have I had anyone block my house in any form with doors or barricades. This probably has more to do with the fact I’m far away from most places but my point still stands. Against your average player not using hacks the aforementioned designs are nearly impenetrable.

I had one guy work around my base and set up a ramp system but it was easily fixed into oblivion with some use of extra doors/door frames. One guy in the entirety of me having used the cliffside manor build. He never even reached my bug out room.

Assuming the person attempting to raid you isn’t troll building/blocking then they’d have to use a number of ramps/foundations to get to your fort’s gewy center. Maybe you’ve built in shitty locations that are rampant with hackers or something to that effect. The best results I’ve seen so far in regards to safety and security are cliff side manors and stilt houses.

I stick to cliffside manors because stilt houses attract too much attention IMO. That and I like the ocean view.


We all accept that hackers may get into our houses at any point, thats no reason not to have a well thought out design. I think the majority of players are not hackers or troll builders. Again I’ve only had one instance of an attempted break in during the past 2 days that used non intrusive ramps.

Offtopic from my current argument:

I think they will add gravity to the houses in the future, so you can’t have like an entire floating base with nothing supporting it under it.

That was kind of assumed. There’s pretty much nothing you can do to stop that so the point isn’t really valid. It’s like building a safe and claiming that no one can ever get inside and then someone comes along and says “God can get inside that safe!” .

Perhaps, but I hope there’s some degree of bizarre buildings you can make. I love cliffside manors…

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