Your ideal gamemode

My ideal gamemode would be something that never gets old and is always updated with new content,
Something unique.

What is your ideal gamemode? Post below.

Well atm im working on a lobby with [IoS] Gran PC some fags kicked him out of there team so now we are working on it

My sandbox gamemode will be pretty cool, you have to buy toolguns for real money and shit.

You have to link your creditcard to the server so if you spam, you’ll be raped. Each prop costs 1 cent.
So yeah it wont get old.

No I’m not trolling.

Nice, Wonder who did that. I heard someone tried ddos’ing and closing down a dedicated box too. Terrible.

Stay on topic please.

I’m having a lot of thoughts regarding RTS gamemodes in special.
And a lot of TF2 related gamemodes.

OF COURSE, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO LUA CODE. :smug: But I’m working on it, for sure.

Also, Matt. Didn’t you just make a thread 90% similar to this?

Sadly I don’t Know anything about trying to get a dedi box closed down or ddosing

Oh np then fish, Or oliver you choose, Uh Freakie I WAS aiming to get two completely different results but fish and zacca just trashed the threads.

Hence the reason why you should have made both questions in the same thread.

Wow thanks a lot? I was being serious about the sandbox thing, and you decided to be mean. :frowning:

That still would not stop them from trashing it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think a lock for one or both of the threads would be in place, IMO. Both have been seriously derailed and 1 thread is enough for both points.

Here is how is should have been

Oh no problem then fish, Or Oliver you choose, Uh Freakie I was aiming to get two completely different results but Fish and Zacca just trashed the threads.


Spelled my name wrong.

You put Frankly, I said Freaky for a reason because I was talking to freaky…

I’m done here, Grow up fish.

Fire fox auto correcting messed up with out me seeing I fixed it

This thread is made of dog asses…

MattGunter = MattWild?