"Your IP Is..." servers?

Sorry if this was already posted, but is anyone else getting a ton of these servers with the title : “Your IP is…” running the map gm_notreal on sandbox, with rediculously high (and presumeably fake) player counts?



I saw that to.

Some Googleing around has led me to some PHP and C++ code that appears to mimic a Source server. I’ve got the C++ code compiled, and it appears to set up a user-specified amount of servers (on different ports). It appears to be some sort of proxy server…

The only security concerns I can see at this time is the fact that the program echos back and records every IP address who sends the server a TSourceEngineQuery packet. (which happens every time you click the “Refresh Servers” button)

I’m still reviewing the code, so I don’t know for sure, but it is plausible that malicious code could be sent to clients who actually connect to the server.

i TRIED to connect, Didnt work. it said it was offline and/or having connection problem. i cant connect :smiley:

At least the servers have appropriate names, instead of the racist slurs that were used the last time something like this happened.

Is there a way to hide these servers from your browser list?


I think that’s the name of it.

You wish.