"Your map differs from server."

I’m trying to join a server but I can’t.I reinstalled steam,deleted the map,reinstalled the game.And it STILLS says the same thing.Can anyone help?

Try to find the actual map. Doesn’t the server have forums where you can download stuff like content-packs? If there is, there probably is a place where you can download the map.

I believe the problem is caused if there are 2 maps with the same name. You have one map with the same name as the server but the server uses a different version. Hope it helps.

You should download the map from somewhere else

Like has been said, download the map from other places. FPS/GameBanana used to be good for it, but I think it went to shit after the virus thing it went through. Look for it on google and download it to your maps folder.

I never understand why some maps use the same name and don’t have an extension for each new version. Usually finding a map from different sources may lead you to the one map the differentiates from the others.