Your map differs from the servers. fastdownload

So, basically, i “put” a map in my server, then i “put” it in my ftp site (lol quotes) Then i do the allowupload and allowdownload stuff… i mean the values. then the sv_downloadurl which would be sv_downloadurl “

Okay, then i try to connect my server. i join, it downloads the map. Then when it’s done (39mb btw) it says “Your map differs from the servers” or something, i check my gmod/maps folder, the map is there! with the exact same size as the fastdownload one… i use 000webhost. oh and it’s the exact same size as the server one too.

Help is appreciated.

Did you try to delete and redownload the map?

This thing happens sometimes, one day I even got a “Map differ from server” on cs_office…

yes, many times, and it happens for everyone that tries to get in.

it means there map differs to yours, you have edited the map in some way that no one else has and named it the same thing im guessing?