Your map [Map name] differs from the server's - I know the problem, but how to fix?

I made my own server hosted from my laptop using scrds, the problem is that I can’t connect to it due to the error in the title.
And I think I know the problem.
My laptop’s (the one hosting the server) version is

but my computers exe version is

Incase you didn’t notice, the exe’s build from my laptop is newer than the one on my computer. Does this have anything to do with my error?

Btw, I tried playing the map on a different server, and it works, just not on my server.

You have the wrong map file on the client. It’s pretty self-explanatory, delete the .bsp from your client’s garrysmod/maps folder and/or copy over the version your server hosts.

Oh what I forgot to add, I downloaded map from my laptop. Same size same name same map. For some reason it says it’s different

Delete the server copy and reupload. Sometimes file transfers just go splat like that.


I see you did not read the 3rd post

I see you don’t know how maps work rofl.

If it differs from servers it means you can either 1 delete it from the client map folder or rename the map file server-side.