Your Map [maps\Rp_Downtown_V2.BSP] diffres from the server

Well i get this error every time i join a rp server

or a normal server like deathrun i get this many many times even after deleting the maps that i got from that server

i also tried reinstalling steam fully dint work also

deleted cache files dint work tried i guess everything :frowning:

please help me.

Download Rp_downtown_v2…
This one.

doesnt work…:frowning: i also get this at deathrun maps :frowning:

Short Answer: You don’t have the same map the server has.

Long Answer: The game engine runs a CRC check on the mapfile it’s requested to load and sends the result to the server to see if they match. If the contents of the map differ in ANY way whatsoever, the CRC result will be different, and the server will see it as a different map - thus booting you out. This was put in place to prevent players from modifying the map so they could practically have noclip when cheats were turned off (note that GMod has nothing to do with this). Your guaranteed solution is to delete EVERY MAP YOU HAVE (the ones that come with GMod will magically reappear when you launch it again), verify files in Steam to be safe and download straight from server.

that doesnt work maybe you have teamviewer that u can help me or something?

Your Steam profile link is broken, could you give us a fixed one please?

Add me on Steam. We can do TeamViewer that way.

Still not working :frowning:

Did you buy GMod legally through steam?

It might be having problems with the content mounted -.-

Or maybe the server’s map is different. Anyone consider that?

It doesn’t matter how you say it. There is no difference.

Thats… what hes been saying.

On-Topic: Just Delete your version of the map and let the server DL it. It may be slow but its sure to work… unless the server doesn’t have net_maxfilesize or a FastDL set up.


Or maybe he thought you needed to fill that in and put something random?

that doesnt mean hes a pirate you ass. It means that isnt the correct path to the profile, which i hope exists.


my steam account exists its basbillebloot im not pirating and i got all my games legally even trough i need to join server 10 times before i can join and most of the time i cant join… this realy sucks

can someone please help me with this i have it at all my games…


Show us that you own Garrys Mod by giving a link to your steam profile.
The link to your steam profile can be found when clicking community in the steam window.

See the red highlighted part.