Your Memorable Alpha Experiences.

As a fellow member of the Rust community I bet many of you guys have had some pretty nice (or not so nice experiences) in the world of Rust. I, and prob a lot of you, want to know some of your great stories. Be it struggles, successes, or frustrations I want to know what has been your most memorable moments playing Rust!

Ill start…

My friend and I were escorting our neighbor to our base for protection until he can get back to his group (4 of them). As we were approaching the base 2 gunmen were lying in wait. One had an M4 and another had just a 9mm. However their aim was off, but ours were on point. I was able to get 3 shots on one (had Kevlar) and my friend did too. We were able to get back to base. There we played the waiting game. For 3 Rust days and nights they lied in wait, and even started campfires outside. Eventually they became AFK and in their carelessness we were able to kill them off. We made off with so much loot and now we are a very powerful (but benevolent) force on the server.

Wall hack. Someone took all my items through the wall, then after I asked about it in global chat they thought it would be funny to put random items back in my boxes. Very memorable.

My memorable moment was when i finally built a 8 by 8 house 3 stories up, and someone came with 30 c4 and aimbot and blew it allllll up…

I have played rust for quite a long time now and I have had many of these memorable experiences, I’ll only name one though and this was from last night. Me and my friend play rust as a pair, we are IRL friends that always go in teamspeak and talk to each other. there was an odd house about 4x9 with no ceilings and it had pillar traps all in a honey comb form. I noticed a rad suit sleeper and I only had 4 charges. I surveyed possible raiding options and I finally agreed on going into a pit and blowing the next wall over. I looked in the area around the rad suit sleeper and I noticed 2 guys alive, and 4 on the ground sleeping, all with kevlar. I placed the first charge down and counted the ticks as I watched the guys inside. With the second charge, me and my friend waited behind a pillar with grenades and guns out. The people inside threw grenades out and one of the sleepers woke up. As he woke up I was shooting into their room and killing the other sleepers and one of the alive guys popped up just as the slleeper woke up and friendly fired him. Me and my friend exterminated a 7 man group with only 2 people. we got about 5 suits of kevlar, 10 m4’s, 5 charges that we used to escape with and of course lots of metal and such. We were then threatened by them and this is where I stand today, switching between names and making allies on one name and allies on another. It’s quite a sinister strategy but I want this group out of my area.

Most memorable moment, I just started off on a server, had a 1x1 house with a wood door. My friend was off across the map ( he had just spawned . 2 full Kevlar guys came to my door, broke it down ( as they were breaking the door, I had placed all my valuables in my inventory ). When the door broke, I ran out and made it to the airfield. I announced in chat my house was getting raided. Then, a clan of 8 Kevlar guys came to me and took my house back. There was a massive firefight, as they had gotten reinforcements aswell but we won.

I saw some guy running naked through the forest and I yelled at him on local voice to stop running so he did, and I stood infront of him wielding just a hatchet and directly quoted Gandalf from Lord Of The Rings and the the bridge of khazad dum scene, he was dumbfounded and at one point tried running off, so I just bashed his head in with my rock :slight_smile: