Your Most Why Didn't It Crash Moment

Mine would have to be when i spawned 40 nukes let them off all together and lag for like 10 secs

I put together a cluster of 6 nuclear warheads and armed all of them, duplicated them and then planted them on a server. The admin there pissed me off one time too many. Was ready to set off the bombs, hid in the back room. Set them off and the server was still up and I only killed 1 person that just joined the server and did not have enough time to hide.

I was kicked and banned the following minute when everyone pointed at me. :<

I tied 6 nukes to a helicopter, I got a 600 ping on my own locally hosted server

In single player, I spawned about 750 0.25X0.25 blocks having fun with the stacker tool, froze them into a shape, then let a nuke go off. Lagged quite a bit for a few minutes, but didn’t crash.

One thousand Kleiner ragdolls.

It was one laggy gangbang.

Just a fuckload of gbombs

I was on a Multiplayer server and some micspamming mingebag came on.
The admins liked his micspamming, me complaining. I was caged for 30 minutes and the Cage mod they had installed was really powerful my keyboard wasn’t responding in Garry’s Mod. I couldn’t press Escape :frowning:

When i spawned one hundred npcs within each other (with keep corpses on) and blew them all up at the same time. They all scattared and landed on top of each other…it was so epic :stuck_out_tongue:

You think that is bad?

I once had a Minge spamming his mic and he sounded like a freaking 3 year old little girl. I yelled “SHUT UP!” over the mic, it was quiet in that server for like 3 minutes before an admin spoke up and started a new subject.

Spawning about 1000 chimneys (all of this in a extremely small room)

Must have been a hell of a lot more than 6 nukes to slow down your actual Internet connection speed.

5 friends, 5 rapid-fire nuke launcher SWEPS,


Everyone just kept on firing them at each other while we were being blasted into the corners of the map :stuck_out_tongue:

600 cars,

12 nukes fired at one spot,

lag for 40 seconds.



that doesnt work anymore

OP didn’t say recently :smiley:

400 prop tower, unfrozen, 6 nukes detonated on a server with 4-5 other people. Twas awesome.

I made a cargo container tower with all cargo containers way 50k ,and unfroze it.
Best fucking laggy fun ever.

I spawned 400 Uraniums from the Gbombs 2 pack, accellerated it with a nuke, and ended in the game freezing for 10 minutes, recovering for 10 seconds, and freezing again for 25 minutes, then fully recovered and the entire map and then some was covered in a radioactive cloud. After it cleared i spawned a wood box and THEN it crashed. :-/

Ugh, I remember chimney spam, I’m glad garry took it out of the game.

Made a dynamite cage filled with explosive barrels, duped it and spawned about 12 of them and fired them all at once. A lot of lag but no crashing.

on gm_ragdollslaughter i used ragmod and threw myself into the fanblade and jammed it slew down alot.