"Your mother says hello", the Spy and Pyro retreating with a hostage.


[sp]In Pyro speak, EAT BUCKSHOT MOTHER-FUCKER![/sp]


Nice job.

Ahahah nice work. Muzzleflash is a little sketchy but the picture is still good.

Did the pyro always have eyeballs?


No not really, I just photoshopped the Spy’s eyeball into the Pyro’s goggles.

Holy shit eyes!


I lol’d. Good Job.

Thanks for the positive comments but I would like some C&C.

scouts fingers look strange

Whoa. Never noticed that

Love the picture and i’m a big fan of your poses, however i see some clipping with the spies thumn on the scouts cheek, unless it was supposed to be like that.

If only TF2 had teamwork like that.



The muzzle flash looks weird.
Good job.

“by the way” pretty much ruined it for me.

I think “by the way” would work better if it was at the start of the sentence, rather than the end.