Your not so tough as you think!

Your not so tough as you think! -Heavy

Why does nobody understand that TF2 Models doesnt fit with the normal Source models.

I believe what hes done is called a hybrid. TF2 invading HL2.

Why don’t you understand that you’re a retard.

Funny picture , especially the combine fleeing in the background. It’s a tad dark and we don’t see him enough tho.

Why do you never understand how to create constructive criticism.

I lol’d at the CP running away in the back. :v:

Good posing.

It’s for fun …?

What a bad reply you can give.

Looks ok. c; dynamic lightning looks weird though.

I tought every picture has to be mega epic and edited to shit here.

No. Is that why you think you need to work too hard on editing and ruin all your pictures? Get the posing down, then start editing.

Oh and two words:

Humm. Right.
Maybe thinking before posting would be a good idea.

Did heavy get some spraypaint on his hands? What is that weird blotch?

It’s a shadow that is probably casted by his other hand