Your Opinion: Coding systems within systems

I’m writing a crafting system as an exercise for experience and fun but it is becoming tedious to go through all the motions to get to and test what I’m coding. When you guys code how do you skip straight to the section being developed? How do you code a system that will, when finished, rely heavily on a menu system? Do you code the face of the menu first then code the back-end?

On an unrelated note would you consider some projects too hard for a novice, regardless of their drive?

I begin with the back end, and test shit out without a menu, then when that’s ready (or can function a bit without a menu ), I begin with the ui.

Get your core functionality working first. To test things without a menu system you can just activate different parts of your code using console or chat commands.

In the end, a significant % of the backend code will be there to deal with the menu, so you’ll need to plan ahead for that and then probably do the back and the front in parallel.

And then you have to edit the back end to allow UI to do certain things.

I aim at the back-end first. It can be irritating to focus on the front end, and not even have anything to test it on. Plus the back-end is the backbone of your whole project, so why neglect it?

The UI can wait, and typically is boring anyway, so getting the whole functional project first is more important.

I say as I sit here focusing on some Cam3D2D before I focus on the back end first. I’m such a hypocrite. :cry:

I do the exact opposite. Front end comes first - once I’m happy with a UI, if I want to add a feature, I can just call a method I made and not spend too much time distracted by GUI design.

Well I start with a shit front end, just to get an Idea of what functions etc I need to create. Then I create the back end once I have an Idea of how things are gonna work, then I make the front end look pretty.

I start with the backend, then with the UI, too. Like in my gamemode, still am at the backend. I use concommands/chatcommands to test the stuff. @Rubat if you do the frontend first, then the backend, if you add things to the backend wich werent planned before, you’ve to edit the frontend too, so it doesn’t matter much with what you start, its both the same.

I usually start with the UI as that’s what I use most time on, back-end doesn’t take that long time imo unless you’re doing something complex.

If its complex I do both front—end and back—end at the same time

Depends on what you wanna make tbh, in your case I’d work on both back-end and front-end simutaniously