Your opinions on the new Gmod update

Share your opinions on the new update Garry just sent out, the update includes:

Fixed datapack client crash when trying to join misconfigured server

Fixed crash in point_viewcontrol

Increased max ragdoll bones to 32

Fixed manhack crash

Fixed weaponless combine npc crash

Fixed Lua related NPC crashes

Fixed unclickable message boxes

Fixed crash when trying to retrieve the gamemode description

Added surface.DrawCircle( x, y, radius, color )

Added surface.DrawTexturedRectUV( x, y, w, h, scalex, scaley )

Added Panel:SizeToChildren()

plus for me there seems to be several new maps which i don’t know the names of, please comment and enjoy! :downs: and if you have any info i will be glad to add it to OP.

I like the new surface functions, though derma is totally messed up and theres more crashes than ever

I agree, it seems to crash while joining servers now =/

Can’t play ZS or singleplayer without my whole left side flooding with dismemberment lua errors.

That happened to me last update, but they don’t stay long, but could still be fixed