Your own CoD models that are not released yet.

This is my first work on MW2. As you see the hoolagirl, the wagon is from Brazil.
Anyway, I want anyone who’s reading this thread to upload the progress of CoD props that are not released yet or 4ever.
My plan is to complete MW2 vehicles. There are already BTR and some CoD4 vehicles, but CoD4 vehicles have weird lightmap.
So That’s it. Share your opinion please.
ps. The normalmaps suck because they were not ported with normal textures automatically. Maybe I should do it myself.
ps2. Forum system is too difficult. I’m not used to it, but I’m keep trying.

Looks good inside the car.
Please port the crashed CoD4 chopper.

Since it is “post-your” thread I’m going to leave these pictures of my work I have done so far.

Are you going to release these?

Yeah but first I must fix some bugs and pimp it out a bit (motorcycle’s missing lamp cover for example).

You’re my boss. Anyway, do you have any idea where they are? I know there’s blackhawk crash in 2 levels but how about the others?

Are they all from COD:BO?
Anyway, I had never noticed until you told me that the cover is missing.
Anyway, BO vehicles are awsome while I think they’re too clean.

All of Skaarj636’s stuff is from Black Ops.

As for the crashed chopper, he think he means the CH46E from Aftermath (You know, when you’e limping around in that nuked-to-hell OpFor town).

Got it! Well… I was shocked when I saw the mushroom cloud for the first time in COD4.
Maybe I can do both of em’.

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MW2 Afghan Camp Pack
Coming Soon!
ps. I missed truck anyway. It is ported too.

Could you port the props from the “Wolverines!” level?

Such as pavelow crash? SURE I will. Also the transport plane crash.
Anything else?

FINALLY! We need more actual destroyed crashes and not those low quality clean looking crashed helicopters and planes.

And um, well anything from the stores. If it’s not too much trouble and your fine with low quality models could you port props from the convience store,diner,the bank,etc.? I would do this myself, but I only have mw2 for xbox, so If you can’t rip all the props from the stores then it’s okay.

I’ve already ported some of them and rests would be too, soon.
What time is it in there, anyway?
Actually I realized retexturing source props such as bottles is more effective and high quality, but…
Meh, whatever.

Is anyone planning to port the M113 from Black ops at any point?

What do you mean time?

About the damn time zone. It is 2:30a.m. in here. 15th, Jan.

Oh. Well since I live in North Carolina It’s the 14th of January and as of right now it’s 12:37 pm

ddok1994 showed off the model and now he disappeared.

He disappears often. Now, who’s the next?
ps. Still compiling as much as I can find from MW2. I overslept to play whole MW2 levels again to find good stuff.

The normal maps dont suck you do for not knowing how to port them properly !

here this applies to mw3 to

Here you go with the Dean’s method: