Your own mingey exploits?

What are the funniest things you guys have done as a mingebag?

I changed my name to typhoonmaniac922, playermodel to Kleiner, then joined a build server and built this cannon that shot flaming explosive barrels at everybody. It was AWESOME. I’ll be loading it in a dupe pack soon.

i hate minges

I asked “how do you fly” and got pbanned

Lol i have 1 that pretty much ruins RP for the other players =D but im not gonna tell because it will spread like a wild fire.

Back in the day, I did that thing where you weld some dynamite and a button to a wooden crate, then spawn a camera next to a wall and have both the camera and the dynamite activated by the button. When someone presses the button, they see the view through the camera but the button is destroyed along with the crate by the dynamite so they can’t get their view back themselves.

The person I did it to ragequit before I could tell him how to fix it. :v:

I kept throwing PHX plates at the admin.


My collection:

Stop movement ( flying in flood and such );
Voice spammer;
Voice overflow;

Using all of them at once is rather amusing. Not that I make it a regular habit, of course.

you are why there are bad things in the world :saddowns:

I have this wire setup that will spam like crazy when connected to a prop spawner.
So I hooked that up to a evil disc building. And asked the owner if he wanted some cake and held the button up to him and made him crash the server.

No offense, but we have got enough adv. dupes already. Plus, put it somewhere other than filefront because, (If you’ve read my recent post, which I’m shure you haven’t) It isn’t working for me. I don’t know if its my computers fault, or the website, but all the downloads there keep breaking.

Oh yeah, I rarely play online. (Mainly because I can’t build wortha shit.)