Your rights as a coder.


If I made a code / contet (For Gmod). Would it belong to me privatly or to facepunch. Am I allowed to add copy right to my code / content added to my Gmod server, or can anyone download them and use them as they want to?

  • Sandtorv.

Facepunch doesn’t have any rights to the things you code. I do believe you can add copyright to the code, but not to models and other things usable only on the Source Engine, which get copyrighted to Valve (I think).

Facepunch don’t own rights to your code. Also, we don’t appreciate post signing here.

You don’t have any rights at all.

you have no rights and you will go to prison for using it personally

You only get lefts when you’re a coder. :frowning:

It belongs to no one unless you copyright it.

Assuming it is all original content created by you it is your copyright as soon as it’s created. Yes you can put a little © Sandtorv 2013 DO NOT STEAL >:(

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it belongs to the creator

I’m pretty sure that, at least in the U.S., you automatically own the copyright unless you actually release it under a different license (gpl, creative commons, public domain) or if you actually didn’t make it (I know, this is phrased badly and kind of confusing) – can’t say for sure about any other countries, including my own, which is actually kind of silly on my behalf.

Ignore this guy and sign whatever the fuck you want and while you can copyright the code, good luck enforcing it.


Your code is owned by you, and you can sell it if you want