Your RP ideas...?

The facepunch community is one of the most creative communities out there, so I ask you, what theme or movie would you like to see in an RP server? If there is already one out there feel free to share!

Note: I’m not asking for me or anybody to use these ideas, I simply want to know what facepunch thinks would be interesting.

Personally I like the sound of a freedom RP,
ex: You want to be a flying ninja? Go ahead.
You want to be dr. who? Go ahead.

The freedom to do and be whoever you want. It sounds kewl. :smiley:

A RP where you play a student or a teacher in a high/middle school, students can make makeshift weapons and do assignments and teachers/staff have to stop the students from misbehaving, etc.

Like making bullets to fire from rubber bands, hell one time I made a stinkbomb out of a sock I found in my backpack.

mw2 rp :smiley:

School RP, You go around at a school and if you dont reach class the teachers comes and assrapez u. And you run around and shot ppl buying drugs at the girl toilets D:

I’ve been waiting for a school rp server to be done properly for a while now, I may try it with your permission(s). =3

Go ahead but you’d need a good map to go with it…

I do believe there is a de_school map…? :open_mouth:

Edit: Found a few

Easy, you’re all dead, you start out on the Earth as a ghost and travel to heaven or hell via staircase or Elevator.

So whens this happening :buddy:
also sorry for late reply edits don’t bump threads

It’ll be up in [insert time here]


It should be up for some testing today, feel free to add me on steam.

Steamid: TIMN

<— It’s over there. :3:

Link under avatar doesn’t work.

Oopsie, double linked it.

Why would i be in school on my freetime when i can do something not-so-boring?

Because we all know your a wimp in school who sits down and behaves when you could have fun doing things you wouldn’t normally do in a safe penalty free environment where your parents/guardians can’t tell you what to do.


I’m not good in school and what is fun being an asshole in school? Even in a game.

Never said being an ass hole in school smart one. :3:

Also, you won’t actually have to do math in the classes, the teacher will most likely blurt out buzzing sounds as the students cause havoc, it’s a fantastic idea for somebody who enjoys passive RP, it brings up interesting RP with the fact that a student can get in trouble and see how it plays out, not all RP has to be blam blam kaboosh with guns in it. School RP would generally open up an opportunity to do something you wouldn’t normally do in real life, not being an ass hole in specific but maybe joinning a fake sports team or attaching bombs to somebody’s chair/throwing stuff at a teacher. It’s mostly just fantastic for a passive RP.

Hmm… this is really interesting. Unfortunately most of the RP’ers are just playing rp to buy guns and drugs and blow up stuff…

Anyways if you really make it, you could probably make classes that actually teach things (like wiremod or building things), so you could learn things about gmod AND rp!

Too DarkRP:ish. No wire teachers or anything, unless this is GMOD SchoolRP. But if he aims to have realistic SchoolRP, no wire teachers.

Hell, we could change things up, wire = math, that way we have actual courses which teach you things that you wouldn’t normally learn, hell we could even have lua classes. This could be legit learning/RP. :smiley:

Perhaps a Bioshock themed server? Rapture in the process of decay but way before the events of Bioshock 1? Plenty of space for bigger/smaller factions, businesses and of course RP.

I was pondering on a War Themed server, however it would be impossible to keep the RP once the fighting would start, unless you added a lot of damage scripts/weapon jams/etc.