'Your skills are futile, taste my power!' - Mileena roundhouse kick's Sgt. Stokes.


I’m not very good at melee poses, so forgive me if it doesn’t look entirely accurate. :v:

Compare: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/72097

I was going to continue this further, with an xray move and possibly a fatality. Although time and other works have forced me to leave it for now. I’ll probs try continue this at a later point though.
If anyone has any ideas for how I could continue this fight further though, by all means, throw ideas at meh.

“Hmmmm, do you know what this needs? MORE BLOOD!”

Looks good as usual.

Love it


Very well made, not only for the reason above.

looks more like a high kick than a roundhouse kick

is still awesome though

Hmmm, yeah, you could be right there.
Thanks though! :v:

The lighting looks a bit random in a way.

but you picked a good backround.

Urbanator… you never stop doing awesome shit, do you?

Love detail of dramatic shadow lying on each model. Posing and background are like capture scene from real game. =)


So that’s how much you do in photoshop.

wait, you worked with lamps there, right? I cant imagine that you created those shadows and lights in photoshop

Yep, nearly all of it is lamps and lights.

Very cool

M’s left arm should be straight, and the lean in should be pepindicular, that way it is now she looks like she’s resting her leg on Stokes for some lesbian nomnoms. Not really conveying much force. Take a look at your Nemesis pics, and look how you had the characters Nemesis was beating up. Should be kinda the same kineaesthetic.

Ridiculously awesome highlighting as always.

Interesting, I’ll have to keep practicing on these sort of melee poses. Thanks for the critique!

A faceposable version of Sgt. Stokes?
This had better not be private like the L4D faceposable common infected teased to us a while back…

Purdy motion blur and lighting.

Wow you wish