Your take on suicide bases.

I currently have a suicide base on a server. At first it was all wood, surrounded by pillars. Basically unraidable. After about 2 weeks of collecting and saving, I used the server remove tool and took down the wood base and put up a metal copy of it for fun. All was good for awhile, no one tried to build in, no griefers, then last night that all changed. I logged into the game to find myself in the middle of a field with a rock, bandages, and torch. I quickly ran back to my base to see 2 players jumping 3 stories up to a door they had c4’d. Apparently there is some kind of Large Storage Box super jump glitch to jump super high. (I say it was hacks, but back to the story) I notified the admins and owner of the server that Ive been pretty good friends with. After some discussion with the people that jumped in and the owners they claim that because it was a suicide base, it was just as bad as them exploiting/hacking to jump up to the door. They get to keep my stuff and no one gets banned, even though it states in the rules of the server that exploiting will result in an instant ban.

TL;DR version. My suicide base got hacked/glitched into. Am I wrong to think that hacking and exploiting is on a much much worse level than a suicide base using no exploits and the core game mechanics?

I also make a suicide base out of ease of use. Id much rather build a suicide base than a base with 150 metal doors to open and close every time I want to get in and out of my base. They both take close to the same materials, and are basically equally unraidable.

The list of stuff taken is pretty long, including 50 c4, 1500 LQM, tons of guns, ammo, wood, resources, kev.

if you can design a base that makes it hard for people to raid, props to you.

i hope the admin decides to ban the hackers, the story of large storage box is bull.

suicide bases are an exploit imo. to make it impossible for someone to raid your base is clearly not intended to be a feature of the game.

I don’t really have an opinion on them, but apparently a few servers ban suicide bases (last time I was playing).

If it is an exploit, then they need to remove sleeping bags. Which is not going to happen. A suicide base is no different than a regular base. You die outside, you spawn inside. If they remove the suicide command in the f1 console, you can just run into a mutant or jump into the water abyss of doom.

defending and raiding bases is a core mechanic, and the only real endgame. you are attempting to remove a key element of risk and danger from the game. creating a base that is impossible to raid defeats the point of rust.

My view on it is, why go through the annoyance of having to make an 80 floor tower maze with 200 doors to go through when it is basically unraidable as the suicide base? Saves me the 10 minutes of squeaky metal doors opening and closing.

So somebody who supposedly had 50 C4 which is enough for 25 doors think it’s ok that he has a base that’s completely impenetrable while making a base that A. required the remove tool to even create and B. has a large storage crate sticking through a solid metal door to transfer items.

You exploited the remove tool, the box through a door is also a bug you are abusing IMO and you’re angry when somebody uses the crate jump bug to counter it. Admins shouldn’t allow these bases.

So your ultimate stance on this is that every single person on a server should make one of these and then raiding no longer exists or only you and your friends should get to have an unraidable base?

This is probably not a coincidence since me and a friend just raided a base exactly as you described, except it was 32 C4 in there, not 50. If you’re who I think you are then your friend was also banned for aimbotting :slight_smile:

I disagree. Placing barricades on pillars is an exploit. The old glitch of placing sleeping bags into shacks through the cracks in wood is an exploit. Utilizing your camp respawn with a sleeping bag or a bed in order to reach your base is ingenious and does not use any glitches or bad code.

What about the fact that he admits to using the /remove tool in order to build his how he did? I’d say that’s exploiting the remove tool addon at the very least. Unraidable bases defeat the purpose of the game. I do agree that the barricades on pillars SHOULD be considered an exploit, but I’m always outnumbered in that argument. Admins do nothing about it, players say it’s a “game mechanic”.

I think you mis-read his post. He used the remove tool to tear down his wood base, and re-build it as a metal base.

Who said unraidable was not intended. IMO if everyone can do it it’s OK.
If someone gains an advantage using outside hacks it’s wrong.
If it’s a glitch it should be reported so it can be fixed. (It is an alpha,we should be helping to fix things)

If you have not guessed Chicken- was one of the “exploiters” who jumped up and placed c4 on the door 3 stories off the ground.

I used no exploits to make that base. The remove tool is not even needed to make the base in the first place. You can just as easily chop down wood stairs with a pickaxe. So good day sir. HighLord agree’d with us that you guys were at fault and offered to replace all our items but we refused.

For a survival game wilfully committing suicide seems a little odd.

I see it as an exploit and a bit sad.

It was a metal base, wasn’t aware you could pickaxe metal stairs down, if so I apologize. Your base is still unfair to others and ruins an entire portion of the game. Why should you get an unraidable base while others don’t? Explain. How much of that metal was obtained by your friend who got caught cheating during my raid? You blow it way out of proportion too, all I said to you in chat was that I used an exploit to counter your exploit (crate through a solid metal door, base that’s completely unraidable to anybody besides using this jump glitch). You went off accusing me of hacking when it turned out it was YOU who had the hacker on your team. I used nothing outside what’s already in the game and would NEVER even THINK of using it on anybody besides those with a stupid suicide base that can’t be raided any other way.

The admin said he was not giving you back your shit, I was there when he said it, you said it yourself, no punishment because he knew this was a grey area and apparently since he’s your friend he wouldn’t just put his foot down on these stupid bases.

So answer one simple question, would it be fun if every single player on the server had the same base and nobody could ever raid? Doesn’t that seem to affect the overall gameplay and ruin an entire aspect of it? hmmm? You guys talked a lot of smack to those who accused your buddy of cheating, turns out they were all right.

I could not care less about a suicide bases. If you enjoy suiciding 20 times each evening, well then we cant change it. I always camp at such bases, wait till they put their stuff into the box, take the stuff. If Im in a bad mood I destroy the placed box, that always brings some joy to the owner. :v:

It was initially made of wood. I would of not of made a metal one if there was no remove tool. As for your “box through the door” argument, that door isnt even needed and if it was an issue I would of removed it.

Like I said in the other post, he never contributed anything. He basically used our resources and that was it. Me and my girlfriend play mostly during early hours of the day when resources are plentiful. Its not hard to collect metal ore and smelt it.

I know suicide bases are unethical, but with the current level of hackers and exploiters, its the only design that doesn’t get raided every other day.

If you enjoy camping outside somebody’s base forever since it’s impossible to raid by legit means then, same logic. Again, what if everybody had one of these bases, we all then have to camp outside eachother’s bases and hope one of us is coming home with a small amount of loot we might be able to steal?


So you admit your metal base required the remove tool to even achieve your unraidable base. You admit it’s unethical but complain when somebody uses an unethical bug to counter your unethical base. I’m sorry but I think you should’ve taken it like a man and stop complaining when somebody exploits your exploit. “A base that doesn’t get raided every other day”, you want a base that can NEVER be raided. I was raided ONCE in my compound of bases that I made in legit ways, the only time I was raided was using the stupid pillar/barricade stair thing which I’d call an exploit. I even REFUSE to use that because it’s cheap and lame and the only time I’ve ever used the crate jump was on your base but I’m being blamed for the other base that got raided in similar fashion. You guys deserved it, you feel you deserve to not be raided ever while everybody else has to actually defend their stuff.