Your thoughts about Rust so far.

Post your thoughts about what you think of Rust so far.
Do you think that DayZ standalone will become more popular than Rust, or Rust will become more popular than DayZ, post why!

Don’t like it? post why and what they could do to make it better for you and other people.

Also post what you will give Rust so far.

delete it

Waiting curiously to see what people say…

Dayz and rust are very different games.

It’s okay

Having not played the game yet and only watching about 10 hours worth of gameplay footage… well maybe 20…

Pro’s: I’d say that this is shaping up to be a very popular game. The free-form building, fps playstyle and open world is great. The crafting has been excellently implemented. Sure, it needs to be finished up, but for an alpha, it’s amazingly simple and easy to use… and it freaking works.

Con’s: It’s too early to judge negatively, so much could change. My initial worry is the blandness of the scenery. What’s there is awesome, I must admit.

There’s no variety and it feels very… well, bla. This is surely going to change, however.

There are no weather effects which has become somewhat standard in many popular games today or at the least varied environments. Who’s to say that won’t change as well.

Concerns: I hope they can strike a balance between size and player volume. You don’t want it to be too crowded, but at the same time you want player interaction to be necessary.

I’m quite impressed for an Alpha release, and I’ve been around since the ultima online days, and tested a LOT of games over the years.

Why would you even consider rating a game in very early alpha stage that’s really biased!

i prefer Rust, DayZ is just warn out to me. Yes the stand alone will have many more features but in its essence its the same old arma 2 mod to me. - not impressed

Rust will be the next big thing in gaming industry imo. If Garry and his team will go in the right direction, Minecraft will look like a work of a toddler compared to Rust.
DayZ vs. Rust? Rust will win in a longshot. Possibilities Rust have are making my brain melt. Game looks addictive in this stage, God knows how it will look when release will come out.
Idea of Rust 10/10. How game looks/feels while playing? No God damn idea, had not chance of playing it.

agreed best pre alpha alpha (or what ever the hell youtubers are calling it) ive seen in a really long time.

Because I want to see what people’s think about the game SO FAR.

Please stop posting unnecessary posts.

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What is it that you don’t like in Rust?

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Because I want to see what people’s think about the game SO FAR.

Please stop posting unnecessary posts.

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My post is still valid. Why rate when it’s in alpha even if it’s “so far”, shouldn’t be judged for shite.

Yeah, it sure is a lovely game what i’ve seen of it.
But I think Rust will be having a hard time beating DayZ because of the current amount of players in DayZ.

There’s nothing wrong with the game, the game is fine, but it has brought in a terrible community full of shitty new members imho

I would play a medieval version of this game alongside a fps version for years most likely. It would fit both of the niches I like in gaming. I like the fantasy magic/sword/bow and love FPS games just as much.

For it’s current state, it’s surprisingly good.

But realistically, it’s boring and bland. People shouldn’t be getting an erection over it.


i think both dayz sa and rust will be extremely popular. i’m excited to play both.

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