Your thoughts on building.

Please note these are not complaints well mostly not :>.

So like most Rust home builders we like to to build our starter 1x1 or slightly bigger home base somewhere out of sight. Currently it is easy to lay foundations around. But if you want to build your home between rocks it is rather restrictive, or if your try building your home under a over hang rock it will not let you place the foundation(yes there is room for it under the over hang nothing is touching :>)

Also If possible I wish I could board my door from the inside. I would like to see us able to board our doors from the inside, boarded doors would be like 50-100 wood unable to attach a lock while it is boarded. it is just thought so flame me if you want.

Been killed several times waiting my furnace to cook ore to place the lock. :<

Anyone else have those minor tweak they think would be relative to build. There is probably many forum post similar to this but meh posting it anyhow.

I think boarding doors is a great idea, or making it so the “lock” is a piece of wood that starts on one side facing vertically, then you can drop it down horizontally and lock it in place or attach it in some form.

Also I have come across not being able to build under over hanging rocks, and I do hope to see some improvements with building because its unfortunate when you want it to curve just right but you cant quite seem to get that angle there.

I do like the current building though, it works and you can still build neat stuff with it, so it doesn’t bother me too much.