Your thoughts on the Garry's Mod Serious RP Scene?

What do you think that needs to be improved, and what needs to be maintained from a community standpoint?

Its cancer on a stick.

Nothing can be improved.


Not very fun. No one wants to get that fun weapon just to have to slowly roleplay to use it.

It’s a evil gamemode that should be burnt in fire, so many other good gamemodes out there that no one ever hears of because it’s all about the RP…

Make animations that realistically depict various actions so people don’t have to type it out. Thats all I know about serious rp, but there’s probably hundreds of other things that need to be fixed.

So you hate rp because it’s taking the player base that other gamemodes should’ve had?

The problem with that is you can’t just recompile the animations and have them work on every player model. You would have to recompile every single player model that is used, and name them differently so they don’t overwrite the originals.

Animations can be done with lua. Just use Jetboom’s animation library thing.

It’s really interesting.

While it has a massive amount of potential, it’s yet to be really executed to even close to that. It’s something that requires a mature playerbase, and the more those people tend to leave the community, the worse the SRP scene gets.
Because of this, it’s been on a continuous decline ever since Pewdiepie and Friends discovered the game.

i haven’t seen anything that was actually serious roleplay in gmod since tnb’s terminator rp

just /meing a lot doesn’t make it serious

So, you guys think that Garry’s Mod can’t share player bases? Everyone has to play the same game mode and automatically bury the other game mode? And I’m not talking about the 1000+ DarkRP servers out there, I’m talking about a more serious take on roleplaying in an original, or an already established setting.

the problem with RP is that players must dedicate more than several hours to the gameplay to actually get any worth out of it. Other smaller gamemodes can be picked up and put down more quickly than RP, but due to RP’s nature, they are ignored because people always need to camp their money printers for a few more hours.

Playerbases can’t be shared because RP is designed to hog players for hours at a time, often with severe penalties for leaving.

The problem is that most of the serious RP servers devolved into nothing more than an extremely laggy and grindy RPG with immense emphasis on small groups of friends controlling and running everything, making it nearly impossible for new players, no matter how intelligent, to actually join the roleplay without washing walls and sucking admin dick for at least 2-3 weeks.

While the quality of the roleplay may vary, it almost always requires a massive amount of time to just to enter to make sure you’re not a ‘minge’ (aka if the small group of in-power friends like you or not) and it just ends up devolving into a game of manipulating and using server politics to get what you want, and roleplay is just an extension of these politics instead of the actual focus of the server.

You know all of those stories of people getting banned or worse because they killed an admin’s (or his friends) character, this is basically a symptom of gmod serious RP being more about internet drama politics than role-playing an interesting story.

Its basically why if you ever want any kind of good RP you need to do it on a game that has a very simple distribution of power, which is why DnD and text-based mediums in general are so popular. (Basically, a game-master whom delegates all of the rules and establishes clear simple guidelines. You have no idea how many servers have fallen because of every one of the ten people in an admin team have different opinions on what ‘proper roleplay’ is, and players end up playing a game of ‘how to please the admin’ instead of ‘how to have fun’)

Honestly, it should be done like DnD, with the owner/upper-staff being the dungeonmaster.

Upper-administration plays NPCs and storytellers only-- effectively removes a good majority of bias from the server. Preferably a role for calm & collected people who are capable of administrating fairly and enjoy mini-events/storytelling. Thoughts?

a good idea would be some kind of API that allows admins to go into a kind of spectator mode and do things like create/remove NPCS, trigger events, spawn objects etc.
Of course you’d have to make sure your admins were completely trustworthy lest you join the server and find 50 striders killing anybody that sticks their head out a door and the admin still spawning stuff and say ‘LELELELEL COMBINE INVASION XDDD’

No, I hate things such as that all “custom” servers are really all the same, every single RP based gamemode is all the same.

Why doesnt falco just remove DarkRP, and replace it with fprp.

No more drama.

Regarding the current server list:

I enjoy RP if its done “correctly” if i want to go on a killing spree, dont fucking perma ban me, let the police deal with it. People break character instantly if you do something “wrong”.
Once got banned because i was hobo that had a gun, even though i traded my hobo friend for it and had a perfectly good backstory on it.
Dont blame the RP, blame the shitty players and admins.
Also passive roleplay (/me everything) is the most boring fucking thing there is