"Your time is not up yet, Freeman"

"Well I’ll be! That’s some nice sidewalk right there! I think I’ll take a closer loo-" bang

Metrocop’s reaction…
** “You cold bitch he was two days from retirement-” bang **

I think the cops would be more likely to kill Freeman than capture him.

Why is Alyx have a physgun? And why is it holding the Combine?

It’s the Combine sniper rifle, not a physgun. sarcasm?

bad choice of map, bad quality on pic,

I think it would be better if the combinecop cuffing Gordon was standing over him with Gordon like between his legs. No cop kneels down and cuffs someone, it gives the perp to much ease to get free. I realize it would probably be significantly harder to pose hands like that, but there could be a way around it, such as using a different position or something.

My next problem is the image focus. It’s all weird looking. Nuff said.

Posing seems fine, the angle could use some zooming.