Your Ultimate Base! Show me what u got!


A part of the game i really enjoy is the case of building bases. So i thought a post where people tell about their best base would be fun!
Its also a way of “checking” your base design since there is quite a few raiders out there that obvious will look in this post!

The whole point, is to see lots and lots of nice bases, and of course come with GOOD FEEDBACK instead of “lol, ur a noob” “thats crap” and so on.

To start out with a few bases we all know about the 2x1 Tower witch is considered the “safest” building as for solo players at least.

Since i play solo ive been building quite a few 2x1 towers and started pillaring around it to get people to actually raid em threw the doors (since you get quite a few of em in a 2x1 tower)

Im doing an experiment with extra walls as we speak, ill try to put up pictures when i get somewhat done!

Show me ur bases! :wink:

Ive already made a thread on that. Check it on my profile.