Your username has weird characters or numbers!

Why don’t you allow blt950 (950 numbers)
It’s kind of lame, many users does have numbers in their username :confused:

Well you can block like ROFL!"#(/&!"#)(/!"=(/ <and all those untypeable letters> :S

Please at least enable numbers :S

Using numbers just proves you can’t be original in your name.

It’s just a download site, who cares you got 3 numbers in your name?

Whosdr does.

Hey you stole my avatar! I’m going to sue you for that :argh:

I got my username from 3rd grade… what a long time ago.

Yeah, last year is a long time ago…

Still use Francis nickname :slight_smile:
Edit : No it has nothing to do with L4D because i used it before L4D was out !

Why don’t yout put something like Bltninefivezero

Just make something random up on the spot wthout letters. If that name is taken, then try again. :wink:

Just try another Username.

I have like 4 or 5 usernames, if one doesn’t work, I try the next one…

Then it’s too long -.-

I like people to reconice me as 1 person with 1 known nick :slight_smile:

I couldn’t use my user name either, 3 character names were not allowed. :frowning:

I also like to try and consistently keep the same name everywhere also.

I couldn’t use mine, some prat nicked it. I also couldn’t have “ubermensch2” because it had a number in. So I’m stick with ubermenschii (that reads “ubermensch aye aye” to me).

If I was in your place, I would have chosen something like UbermenschII or UbermenschMKII. :wink: They represent numbers, but are not numbers. But you guessed that already. XD

I (slightly) disagree.

My (latest) username has evolved over the years and so does not need numbers as it’s never taken. I’ve never once had “Flapadar” already taken.


Just be creative.

Actually I picked an original name with numbers, my own.

@Whosdr: please explain how “Using numbers just proves you can’t be original in your name.” There’s many people all over the internet who’ve been using numbers in their usernames for AGES. I use Ar7ific1al everywhere I go, and I have for several years. It’s quite an inconvenience for those who use one or two numbers in their alias to have to come up with something COMPLETELY NEW when they’ve been using the same alias everywhere for years.

As for the account verify thing, I think it’s kinda stoopid, but whatever, I can’t blame Garry for wanting to stop the pirates xD

Making your name look dumb != originality