"Your version does not match the game servers"

Hi, When im trying to join a online server on GMOD 9.0.4 it says i have wrong version but i have the right version as the other server :S Help please

Is the server a GMOD 9 server? Also, as garry would say:


9 ain’t supported anymore.

But my friend can play GMOD 9 online!

Ok, but does that answer either of my questions? Absolutley not. Seriously, get 10. The $10 are some of the beast $10 I have ever spent. EVER!

This a an official GM10 forum, so you won’t find help for it here. Get 10, you are not going to regret it.

Are you using version 9.04b? Or 9.04c?
Your friend may either use 9.04b or 9.04c. Download 9.04c here: www.garrysmod.de
And also, GARRY said he doesn’t support it. I’m assuming you people are also named Garry Newman. :downs:

only losers use gmod 9, GMOD 10 IS ONLY $10 JUST BUY IT

Well, some people use it only for posing.

We are followers of Garry.=P

But when it comes to broken updates, you are all against him and regret the 10 bucks you gave him. Fff.

They’re aren’t followers. They’re just um, “grabbers”.

is it easier for posing?

It’s called “different minds”. They have their opinions on posing, we have our opinions on posing.

I have garry’s mod 10 and cannot play on servers.It gives me the same message "Your version of the game doesn’t match the server’s.Please restart… ".Any ideeas how i might fix this problem i really want to play on servers.By the way i have Garry’s mod 10.

Get out.

uhh… what do you mean ?

Leave and never come back.

why ?


this will explain it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AzpByR3MvI