You're Doing It Wrong

Taking a quick break from my E2 scripting to mess around with a few raggies:

Run back to 4chan. Quick.

oh my god this is pro

Kinda funny, but editing and posing could need more work.

And no gm_construct.

This kinda stuff is ALL OVER the net, 4chan ain’t where it began either, this meme has roots in early television

Actually, I did virtually no posing, just put one by the other. I set the physics time-scale to 0 and burnt the metro cop and killed the headhumper in mid jump, then statued them and sat one next to the other.

like I said, pottering around with E2, wasn’t a planned thing

you know,it would have been easier and simpler to just pose them…

I was just messing around, third time I’ve had to say this. I wasn’t aiming to do anything, this just came about. I think I’m gonna stick to development threads after this, this was a side of FP I thought had died a long time ago, but it seems it’s still alive and well (the haters, not the screenshots forums).

You thought you wouldn’t catch any flak for posting something that “just came out” and obviously had little effort put into it? It’s like somebody in the map section releasing “gm_myfirstmaplol” or someone in the lua section releasing the “Uber minge killing admin gun :D”

People need to take the SS section seriously.

-_-, I thought it mildly humorous, I brought it here for those that might like it, not for those that wouldn’t. If you don’t like something, or have a negative view of it, then it’s very easy to keep it to yourself. All you do is leave it alone, which takes no effort what so ever. I just thought the haters had left FP, obviously they’re just all crowded here. un-subscribes from thread

Cry some more. If you don’t want something scrutinised, don’t post it on the internet.

Shut up you guys the pose is perfect I love it.

Not to mention Deviantart has been flooded with this stuff.

Insert sarcasm rating here
Naw but really it was a funny idea. I always love to see how this meme will turn out. But really some people take the screenshot section very seriously and doing this some feel insulted (Not pointing any fingers here). And as Chesty said, you can’t do a damn thing on the internet without getting SOME hate.

Oh and I like the way ya got to the pose, that’s just funny.

No i’m fucking serious it’s beautiful he deserves a fucking medal for making such a master piece.