"You're going to join the rest of your friends..." Rebel prepares to toss a PMC

Pretty simple stuff.

Oh and your Ultranationalist models are kind of weird, when you move a few of their parts you see stretched segments running about. The facposing doesn’t work unfortunately.

Brothers in Arms. :v:

First pic reminds me of it.

Not bad from a posing stand point.

Little to no editing.

Pretty okay to average angles.

The maps are quite bland.

Maybe you should’ve chosen a different spot in the first pic, the low quality texture is a bit annoying.

Why is the last rebel using a Tavor, which is an israel weapon :D?

f2000 :eng101:

thanks for use my models!


and model having some problem
stretch and something cannot fix, sorry

Nothing wrong with Kosher Weapons, they still kill the same. :stuck_out_tongue: