"You're in here with me, aren't you?" (Dog Soldiers)


Original Movie Scene:

I submitted this for the movie contests thread. The angle’s different from the original scene, but I think it turned out alright. C&C?

The scene is at 09:42

Gah! Sorry, I forgot to say that.

doesn’t he say “you’re behind me, aren’t you?”

anyway, it looks really good. especially what you did with that KF model, looks a lot more highres.

Man I miss that movie…

I got that movie on dvd, god damn best warewolf film ever.

Balls of british steel.

sooo, you’ve never seen American Werewolf in London? OR the Wolfman i take it?

Actually, I didn’t do anything to the KF guy. I just changed the lighting a bit and edited in some breath from the “backseat driver”.

Well, still, it looks really good.

Yes but you have the Sonic Addition featuring Amy Rose as the [sp]Back stabbing Female half Wearwolf person[/sp]

But real men use fists.