"You're only delaying the inevitable, Chris"

Hey all. I’m pretty n00bish at ragdoll posing in gmod 10 (used to do it in gmod 9, but haven’t for a good 2 years or so), but the release of the Resi 5 models made me want to give it a shot again!

I understand my work isn’t that great, but I beg you to go easy on me, good sirs.

Hope this picture appeals to fellow fans of Resi 5!


I have no idea why the quality has diminished… It looks much smoother in GIMP and photo editor…

Wesker’s head looks kind of weird at that angle but the pic’s fine other than that. I’ve posed Wesker before and he’s kind of a pain in the ass. I wish someone would make the RE models face poseable.

I know what you mean…I thought the same at the time. Should have gone with my gut and changed it. I tried to make him look like he’s scouting around a bit, checking round the corner and such, but you’re exactly right, it does look a bit off.

rated useful (ty for the advice)

Chris’s hair looks like he dumped in gel. What is with the blood splatter by Wesker’s feet? One more thing, the posing of Wesker could use some more work.

Other than that it seems like an ok shot.

I see what you mean about the hair part… However I couldn’t change that. His hair’s pretty high-res and for some reason tinted white. Possibly a colour change due to the sun in Africa? I have no idea.

The blood splatter is suppost to have formed due to the blood dripping from his fist - tried to make it look like he’d smacked Chris around a bit.

rated useful (ty for the advice)