YourRP - Have your say in what is added to roleplay

Hi facepunch

I have had my server up for the last 2 years and I decided to make a change.
So I am letting you decide what goes onto the server, Im letting you post here what you want added, you have a week to post what you want added.




**Job changes/adds **

  • All jobs removed
    -Citizen added
    -Cop added
    -Vehicle salesman
    -Gun dealer is admin only

** Addons **

-Gamemods: css, dod, hl2, hl2:ep1, hl2:ep2, portal, lost coast
-Wire Extras
-Door stool
-Connas pack
-Fin tool, Fan tool
-Chat titles
-Achievments (Custom ofc)
-Eventslauncher mod

**Vehicles **

-Jeep and airboat
-Jalopy added

Admin mods

-Newadmin roleplay version 1 (Im making it)

** Shipment edits/adds **

-All guns removed
-Pistols added except Deagle
-Food added (Not sold buy a specific job)

** Roleplay settings **

-rp_alltalk 0
-Prop will cost
-Vehicles are expensive
-Doors are expensive

** Map Rotation **
-City11 Night -




Thanks in advance for your input

Food is a terrible idea that can be easily roleplayed without an arbitrary script function forcing you to eat, the same with fuel for cars.


I utterly hate hungermod, fuelmods and anything that FORCES people to RP things that are pointless.

Freedom is abused, the stupidly strict RP servers don’t have mingebags because there’s NOTHING for them to mingebag with. That has to be the entire reason that everyone hates DarkRP.

I like the piss and shit mod quite funny XD

Look at post 1 for updates

Yay i helped.


How do you get the shit mod because i cant find it only my friend has it and he isnt on

Guns, fuelmod, food. Remove those. Also make Cop admin only.

Umm map changes instead of the 1 map all the time thats what i do

Not admin only, just make it require an admins permission.

Well think about it is the admins going to be on everyday :confused:

Add a few realistic things, like a panic button for the mayor that calls cops to help him, and something like a blindfold or a rope so gangs can kidnap people, like the mayoror cheif. WHat is yourserver IP?

The problem, though, is that then you must expect everyone to RP those actions. I’m fine either way.

Whats the server IP?

Server aint up yet


Need more ideas

pick a map to add

Depends really on how big the server will be, if it’s big enough, try getting evocity 1 or 2

Drop Poo&Pee mod for god’s sake!


Props and Cars also should be free. Being restrictive sucks.

Ok, i will drop it because theres no outcome except soaking someones base in yellow shit that annoys people :banjo:


New tools added under addons


Does anyone here talk?