YourRP - The Offical Server is up

You may have seen my thread, Well i have finished sorting the server out and its set up, below are a list of all addons and stuff

The forum wil lbe up in the next few hours


**Job changes/adds **

  • All jobs removed
    -Citizen added
    -Cop added
    -Vehicle salesman
    -Gun dealer is admin only

** Addons **

-Gamemods: css, dod, hl2, hl2:ep1, hl2:ep2, portal, lost coast
-Wire Extras
-Door stool
-Connas pack
-Fin tool, Fan tool
-Chat titles
-Achievments (Custom ofc)
-Eventslauncher mod

**Vehicles **

-Jeep and airboat
-Jalopy added

Admin mods

-Newadmin roleplay version 1 (Im making it)

** Shipment edits/adds **

-All guns removed
-Pistols added except Deagle
-Food added (Not sold buy a specific job)

** Roleplay settings **

-rp_alltalk 0
-Prop will cost
-Vehicles are expensive
-Doors are expensive

** Map Rotation **
-City11 Night -
-City18 Serious rp map

You can request more addons/Settings here

Admins needed pm me for more info

What is the IP?

People are loving the server


Dont let this thread die!

the site is set up tomorrow

2 admins spaces left only

Can I be admin? My steam ID is STEAM_0:0:19988556 00:40 46 0

rofl you need info about ur self



Why should you

I have nothing to say but I know what a mingebag is and isn’t. If a minge terrorises the server I will trap him in a cage, spawn a box and a bunch of bannanas, make a little slot in the cage for people to put the bannanas through, with a sign saying “Rare (Insert what was minge doing)ing mingebag” and on the box a note saying “Feed bannanas to minge”. That way the minge is made an example of and players will know that the one caged has caused trouble, thus people will keep an eye on him. Plus the server has some entertainment. I could also trap the minge in a pit with an antlion guard as a warning. I don’t tolerate players who ruin servers. I hope this is enough reason for you.

That’s not the best way to deal with Minges…

I really enjoy RP but it’s been hard to find a decent server so I’ll give yours a try.

Thx guys, Gordon I have enough admins now

That’s not really a great way to deal with…and I hate using this term,‘minges’. Just give him a warning on the first offence, a kick on the second and a ban on the third. Simple as.

Infinity, what’s the forum link and your Steam name?

Steam name: modegg



Nice!, looks good, Ill test it when I finish downloading the map (Wait… the server is empty D:)
finally someones delete the gangster, mob, etc,etc,etc…
Just with the Citizen, the cops and gun Dealers we are fine.
The only thing that I didn’t liked so much is the “Door are expensive” but oh well, it’s like a filtrer so mingebags dosen’t own all the doors :wink:

The link is in op, even the smallest problem, post it please

Make sure you add an option to make a custom jail (/create jail makes a jail area)

Did you have black people enslavement in mind when you wrote that ?
Because it’s much more like making fun / bullying someone rathen than trying to make him follow the rules.

I would only do that if a player kept doing it, after I tell him the rules and try to help him. Minges who don’t listen should be shown to the comunity, so players can avoid them.

No. They should be banned from the server, and if in the community, ejected. Putting them on show just fufils their want of attention. And the fact you do it makes me think you are about 9 years old.

But that is the goal, to give them attention.
If everyone knows about this person, then the minge will never be able to terrorise another server, because players will keep an eye on them, the minge will quickly be rejected by most communities.

I am not an admin of a server sadly.