Yours is the only version of my desertion that I could ever subscribe to

original by rossmum

I love how the mood totally changes with this edit

Well it is brighter for sure. Like the windows light edit. Perhaps a bit to much. Still, nicely done.

ross did you intentionally pose the guy on the right to look like he’s about to murder everyone in the room

no :frowning:

Very nice edit!

Reminds me of STALKER.

The prop placing and posing are just superb. Good editing too, I like the atmosphere the lighting creates.

This is one of the best edits I’ve ever seen.

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ask rossmum for it I lost it I am sorry

Wow, the posing, prop placement, and editing are all fantastic. Really good job from both of you.

minus pickaxe and exit sign from mine, since the roundabout way i got the lamp in (saved, sent to friend, friend placed lamp and saved, opened his save, took screen) for some reason deleted them. i just copy-pasted them back in from a pre-lamp shot

it’s a lovely screen either way

Beautiful as usual.