YouStream - Play music from YouTube

[release]YouStream is a simple addon, which in simple terms plays music via YouTube. In more complex terms, you’ve got an invisible video playing in the background.

I was hoping to complete more of it before releasing, but my exams are starting very soon (This Wednesday, to be precise) , so I’ve decided to release early. This obviously means there is a lot more to come - to be improved on later. My exams finish in early June, so I’ll have time to work on it some more around then.

Stop talking, give me YouStream now!

You can just scroll down to the end of the thread if you want. It’s simple to use, if you can’t figure it out, you aren’t smart enough to own GMod.

So, HTML panels. I smell crashes.

Yes, IE is shitty and crashes people. Nothing I can do about it. I don’t want to include Chrome/bass support, because I’m lazy / can’t work on anything right now.

I want to add a song, how do I do it?

Just go into the YouStream menu, by typing “!stream” in the chat, or entering “youstream_menu” in the console.

See that little search bar above the HTML panel? Yeah, use that. The YouTube one doesn’t work, because Valve forgot to add support for anything decent in their HTML panel.

Once you’ve got a list of videos in the HTML panel, just click on the one you want. Then click “Save current URL”

Done, it should be added.

I think Flapadar has terrible taste in music

I agree.

Ok, I skipped to the end of the thread. Give me YouStream.

Here’s a little video for you to watch while I upload it.



YouStream is broken. Download gShark instead.

I’m too lazy to download and test it to see what’s in it. Tell me now.

Quick overview:

Retrieves song info automatically,
Queue feature,
Shuffle feature,
Enable/disable the dimming of background sounds,
Serverside streaming feature with permissions,
Chat commands with HUDPaint autofill,
Few other things.[/release]

[release]The mighty todo list:


Tidy up code. It’s a mess.
Internal commentery. I don’t need it myself, but incase people want to edit.
Playlists - actually use them.
Maybe use YouTube API instead of HTML panel for searching.


lrc parser. Incase people want to tie lyrics to a song
If lyrics have been attached, show them in the HUD.

Volume control for music[/release]

This should now work well, as it was fixed in the GMod update on 29/6/10

Nice to see this released :smiley:

& and **I think Flapadar has terrible taste in music ** I don’t agree :3

That Looks epic
You have my download

You released it! :D. Good job!

looks nice

Very nice :keke:

Looooks nice!
However, i agree that you have a bad taste of music :hehe:

Looks good, definitely downloading.



This is really awesome except is there any way to lower the volume when it plays?

So this won’t work now that azu disabled html right?

Unless I missed something, he only disabled certain features. This should still work.

It’s great to see so much positive feedback.


I’ll add that to the todo list.


Update: Fuck, Azu is removing the HTML panel. Looks like this won’t be working until either he adds a replacement, a fix, or I add chrome / bass support.

Actually :

Apparently WebKit will be coming with the engine update. This means no crashes (Hopefully)

I’m also planning to start learning a few more languages - so I’ll get a little better at manipulating things (Possibly change volume / current position in the song with Java, if it’s enabled in webkit and is possible - which would be great because it wouldn’t freeze for a second)

I’d like it if people posted what else they’d like YouStream to have, so after my exams I can go through the list and see what I can do.

So does this still work?

Pretty sure it does, yes. I haven’t used it since the last update, but there’s no reason for it not to.


I thought about writing a lrc file parser, and a way to create files like lrc - so as you can tie accurate lyrics to a song and have them show below the HUDPaint display.


What’s the opinion on that?

I’d like to see that.

Has an update broken this? It worked fine a week or less ago, but now no sound is played when I choose a song from my list to play. I can still see the information bar in the left centre, and the progress bar moves, but no sound. I have re-installed YouStream, and I don’t have anything except Wire, PHX, and some build STools (ie. weight, stacker). Can anyone tell me if I am the only one suffering this?

I’ll give it a quick test to make sure.


Seems it has broken. Looking into fixing it.


I can’t fix it. Removing Java / ActiveX / Flash broke YouTube videos - hence breaking YouStream.


Hopefully the WebKit update will address this.