YouTube 2.0 help

When i make a server i put the Youtube Player v2.0 addon in my addon folder for my server. I get on the server. I spawn the Youtube Player v2.0 and it dosent belong to me. So since i have no ownership of it i can move it or use it. How Can I Fix This

-I have ass mod (i tried it with out it still didn’t work)
-Cant Pick it up
-I use Source Deiticated Server

Can You Help Me?

Should i Try a other admin addon?

P.S: Did i post this In the Right Section?

I tryed ULX Admin mod and it didnt work and BTW the screen on the TV and the Blilbord screens seem to go off the model too

Get PHX,CSS. Update your server install(do the thingy you did to download srcds using cmd),remove any admins mods\prop protection. Run the server, then redownload the admin mod. It should work, if not theres somthing wrong with your server.

Ill Try Thank you =D


Sorry it Didnt Work

Then REMOVE the admin mod, and try again…If it works then the mod is fucking it up. Otherwards something else it wrong.

I formated my PC and reinstalled every thing and it works now and i host it perfectly weird error though But thank you for trying to help me computerwizard !!!

If your running this in DarkRP gamemode then you might have some problems with it, i’ve seen this happen before with that gamemode.