Youtube Channel 2 million subscribers Brazil

Well my name is bruno randonsplays I own the channel, and I’m always on the news of new games. so I arrived late at poco issue of rust as he had already left the steam really want to be able to test the alpha and test the game besides that surely will faser video for my channel that has good public and good visualiações thus giving more disclosure pro rust .

Would you like one for min 2 keys and another for raffle on my channel if possible. can not be a same.

Screen Prints:

Do not send as a message on youtube because the keys blocked which you want incoming message then send it to the following email registered on channel yoube:

Note my English is not fluent
-Thank you very much

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of murilossk/lying" - postal))

Because you have a big channel on youtube you think you should get a key[s]? You’re a fucking jerk off.
I see people posts threads about wanting a rust key daily, you’re not different from them.
Wait for it to be released on steam.

Well I checked with some friends and they said great channels on youtube manage keys I’m just trying to friend.